What’s Happening in Downtown Indy This Weekend

Don’t let all this rain put a damper in your Hoosier spirit! Keep your hopes high for better weather this weekend! And even if the rainy, cloudy weather decides to stick around, there is still plenty to do in Downtown Indianapolis! Scroll below to review some of the top events and attractions happening in Downtown Indy this weekend that you do not want to miss, rain or shine!

Looking for Something To Do This Weekend in Downtown Indianapolis?

Check out these top events and attractions happening now through Memorial Day weekend!

Steel Magnolias at the Indiana Repertory Theatre

A beloved Broadway-turned-movie classic has come to the Indiana Repertory Theatre! Catch the famous show, Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling, presented by OneAmerica Mainstage this weekend! Showing times run 2 hours and 20 minutes, which includes a 15 minute intermission. You can see a show anytime, from today through June 5th. Just be sure to bring age-appropriate guests, as this pop culture favorite tends to include a lot of mature, adult language! Tickets start at $25, and patrons are required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test.

Gondola Rides By Old World Gondoliers

Saturday weather reports suggest a sunny, dry, and warm day! So, ask a date or grab your loved ones and reserve a Downtown Indianapolis Canal gondola ride! Take a marvelous trip down the canals of Downtown Indianapolis, Italian-style. Offered by Old World Gondoliers and offered through September 27th, your Gondolier will serenade you as take in the most beautiful canal views and all the charm of Downtown Indy has to offer! Reservations are required, and admission is $189 per boat, which can hold up to 8 passengers.

Top Gun at the IMAX Theater

Who doesn’t love Tom Cruise? Swoon over the Navy’s top action aviator heroes this weekend by catching Top Gun – Maverick at the IMAX Theater in the Indiana State Museum! Showings started today and go through June 9th this year. Relish in the shenanigans and adventures of Maverick, Goose, Lt. Bradshaw, and all the other cult favorites this Memorial Day weekend. This classic, good-time movie is rated PG-13 and has a running time of 131 minutes. Ticket prices are $17 for adults, $16 for seniors, and $14 for kids 12 and under.

‘Michigander’ Presented By Rock for Riley

If you like great music and a good cause, go Downtown this Friday, May 27, to check out Michigander – Rock for Riley at the Hi-Fi Annex. Presented by Rock for Riley, this show will also feature music by Public Universal Friend. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds made from the concert will directly benefit the Riley Hospital for Children. Rock for Riley is an admired philanthropy group that was founded and still operated by Indiana University School of Medicine students. Show your support and enjoy the best music this weekend at the Hi-Fi Annex! Tickets range between $20 and $25.

English Ivy’s Weekend Brunch and Dinner Specials

Before or after enjoying one of these awesome Downtown Indianapolis attractions, be sure to fill yourself up with a delicious meal and some buzz-worthy drinks at English Ivy’s Pub & Eatery! All of the above-listed Downtown Indy events are within 10 minutes of our restaurant!

This Friday, relish in our famous $22 Prime Rib Dinner Special! Then choose from our $4 Effen cocktails, $5 Kettle One cocktails, and $3 House Wine by the glass drink specials. Hitting the town this Saturday, May 27th? Stop in from 11am to 3pm for brunch, featuring signature brunch dishes, mimosa carafes, $5 Tito’s Bloody Mary’s, Effen Screw Drivers, Irish Coffees, and an $18 champagne bottle served with an orange juice carafe!

Saturday evening, you can enjoy our delicious Mango Salsa Salmon or 10 oz. Filet special, as well as $4 Effen cocktails and $5 Kettle One cocktails. We also have fantastic bar specials every day of the week, and brunch AGAIN on Sundays from 10AM to 3PM!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your weekend plans in motion right now! Visit English Ivy’s Downtown Pub and Eatery and enjoy brunch, lunch, dinner, and delicious drinks all Memorial Day weekend! Be sure to check out our weekly specials, too! Tonight, our special is steak kabobs!

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Top 10 Places to Catch Live Music in Downtown Indianapolis

When you’ve got an itch for a night of melodies and crescendos, Downtown Indianapolis is the place to go! From jazz and R&B to string symphonies, brass bands, alternative, folk, country, classic rock, pop, and even cabaret, there is a place for everyone to catch their favorite genre of live music!

Scroll down for Downtown Indianapolis’s top 10 best venues to see live music, plus where to grab the ultimate dinner and drink specials nearby!

Dinner and Drinks Downtown Indianapolis 317-822-5070
White River State Park – Downtown Indianapolis

Top 10 Venues for Live Music in Downtown Indianapolis

In no particular order:

The TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park

801 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
✨ Indy’s most beautiful outdoor music venue offers a wide selection of concerts in the spring, summer, and fall.

The Rathskeller

401 E. Michigan St.
The Athenaeum Building, Indianapolis, IN 46204
✨ Serving Germanic fare with a European flare, the Rathskeller features a wide selection of live music genres, from country and fiddle players to brass bands, musicians, and more.

Gainbridge Fieldhouse

125 S. Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
✨ Although a sports venue, you can enjoy a long list of live music concerts, year-round!

The Cabaret

924 N. Pennsylvania St.
Ste. B, Indianapolis, IN 46204
✨ More than just live music, the Cabaret offers an assortment of live entertainment and performing arts.

Slippery Noodle

372 S. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46225
✨ Being established in 1850 makes the Slippery Noodle Indiana’s oldest bar. They feature live blues every day of the week.

Old National Centre

502 N. New Jersey St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
✨ As the oldest standing stage house in Indianapolis, you will feel nostalgic while enjoying a symphony orchestra or ballet performance.  



1043 Virginia Ave.
Ste. #4, Indianapolis, IN 46203
✨ This historical live events venue is adults only and features an assortment of local artists and musicians.

Radio Radio

1119 Prospect St.
Indianapolis, IN 46203
✨ An intimate venue that showcases Indy’s up and coming artists and bands.

Hoosier Dome

1627 Prospect St.
Indianapolis, IN 46203
✨ This is a drug and alcohol-free venue known for Indy’s greatest local music scene.

White Rabbit Cabaret

1116 Prospect St.
Indianapolis, IN 46203
✨ As an authentic cabaret bar, you can enjoy burlesque bingo night and all sorts of vaudeville-style variety shows.

Where to Get Pre-Show and After-Show Eats

Before or after enjoying a night out at one of these incredible and historic Downtown Indianapolis live music venues, be sure to fill yourself up with some delicious dinner and drinks at English Ivy’s Pub & Eatery! All of the above-listed Downtown Indy venues are within 11 minutes of our restaurant!

This Friday, fill your belly with our famous Prime Rib Dinner Special! Hitting the town on Saturday too? Stop in again for our delicious Mango Salsa Salmon! We also have fantastic bar specials every day of the week, and even BRUNCH on SUNDAYS from 10AM to 3PM!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your weekend plans in motion right now! Visit English Ivy’s Downtown Pub and Eatery and enjoy brunch, lunch, dinner, and delicious drinks all weekend long. Be sure to check out our weekly specials, too!

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Common Mistakes People Make When Cooking Chicken

You eat a lot of chicken. You love chicken. Your whole family loves it. So, you must be doing something right; right? Well, let’s check. So many people make mistakes when preparing and cooking poultry, specifically chicken but other birds as well. You can up your chicken cooking game by learning the top chicken cooking mistakes and adjusting them to meet even the most professional chef’s standards.

Continue below to review some of the most common mistakes made when cooking chicken and how to avoid them.

Chicken Wings Special Indianapolis IN  317-822-5070
Chicken Wings Special Indianapolis IN 317-822-5070

Don’t Do This When You Cook Chicken

Rinse With Water

Do you have the urge to rinse your chicken breasts or tenderloins before you cook them? Professional chefs would cringe at the sight. Not only does rinsing do nothing to remove bacteria or otherwise de-sterilize your chicken cuts, but it will pose the risk of splattering raw chicken juices around the sink and surrounding kitchen, thus contaminating the sink, dishes, countertops, and more. Next time, simply pat your chicken with dry paper towel.


Many people love the results of a citrus marinade. Something about the citric notes and properties pair so well with chicken. But be careful not to make the mistake of over-marinating in citrus juices. This will only cause the meat to take on a mushy or mealy texture, which is very unappetizing. Over-marination can include marinating for too long or marinating using too much citrus juice.

When using a lime, orange, lemon, or grapefruit-based marinade, stick with a 2-hour marker. Longer does not mean better in all cases of marinading. For buttermilk or yogurt marinades, stick with a 24 hour time limit. Otherwise, you run the risk of over-tenderizing the chicken, which can have an unappealing texture and mouthfeel.

Use Only Boneless Skinless Chicken

So many people love to stick to what they like best, which is often the most convenient cut. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts certainly fit this bill. But do not make the mistake of using boneless skinless chicken for every chicken dish. Some chicken meals are better prepared using darker, richer cuts of the bird, such as slow-cooker recipes, soups, and stews.

Over-Stuff the Frying Pan

If you are cooking chicken in the cast iron or frying pan, do not make the mistake of over-crowding the pan. Putting too many chicken cuts in the pan at one time will do a lot to ruin your meal. First, the heat-distribution will be unbalanced, causing the chicken to cook much slower and unevenly. Also, over-stuffing the pan will prevent you from easily flipping and maneuvering each piece. Next time, use a larger skillet or cook your chicken in multiple rounds.

Use Expensive Olive Oil for Fried Chicken

If you love fried chicken and looking to step your game up next time you make it yourself, do not waste your time on expensive olive oil. Fried chicken does not need a fancy oil to taste great, so do not spend the money on the top shelf stuff. Not only will it likely burn and smoke up your place, but it will do nothing to enhance the flavor. In fact, it can make it taste bitter. Stick with your basic vegetable oil for fried chicken. If you insist on using olive oil, use a light one.

Cut Immediately

Many people make the mistake of cutting into their chicken immediately after cooking it. But this is a big no-no! The juices inside the chicken need time to percolate from the center to the skin. This will give you a juicy, mouthwatering chicken. If you cut into it right away, the juices will just flow out and you will have a dryer result. Instead, transfer the chicken to a wood cutting board and loosely cover it with foil. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then start slicing!

Simultaneously Pan Fry With Vegetables

You do not want to toss in stir-fry veggies with raw chicken into the same pan and cook them. Not only will the cold, raw chicken reduces the heat of the pan, thus increasing cooking times, but the juice will overwhelm the stir-fry vegetables, essentially boiling or steaming them. The result is cold, mushy, soggy stir fry. Instead, cook your chicken first, and just before it is done, toss in the veggies and seasonings.

Are you craving some juicy, delicious chicken entrees made to perfection? Visit English Ivy’s Downtown Pub and Eatery for our famous Monday 50 cent chicken wing special! Wash down your spicy, BBQ, or dry rub chicken wings with a frosty beverage from our Monday drink special menu, like $6 Moscow Mules and ½ Price Premium Wine!

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Easter Friendly Mocktails Everyone Can Enjoy This Holiday

Easter is a very special holiday for millions of people all around the world. Celebrated among loved ones and entire communities, Easter is the day of respect and appreciation, which is why most people reserve any spirituous imbibement for another time. In place of your usual celebratory or special occasion cocktails, wines, and beers, consider incorporating some delicious mocktail options into your Easter spread. Not only are virgin cocktails Easter-friendly, but they can be enjoyed by both children and adults!

Continue below for some Easter friendly mocktail recipes, plus a secret tip on where to go this Easter in Downtown Indianapolis. If you don’t have any dinner plans just yet!

Easter Ham Downtown Indianapolis 317-822-5070
Easter Ham Downtown Indianapolis 317-822-5070

Virgin Cocktail Recipes for Easter Dinner

Shirley Temple

You should have known that we were going to start with the famous Shirley Temple virgin cocktail. Made with carbonated lemon lime soda (or ginger ale) and a splash of grenadine, garnished with a maraschino cherry, and served over ice, this delicious Easter-friendly mocktail is always a hit among both kids and adults. Pregnant women especially appreciate the sweetness of this delightful drink!

Fun fact, the drink itself was named after the famous actress, Shirley Temple, but its creator is debated. Typically credited to a 1930’s bartender at Hollywood’s Chasen’s Restaurant, there is a hotel in Hawaii that also claims rights to the drink’s origin.

Roy Rogers

If a Shirley Temple mocktail is a little too childish for your taste, upgrade to a Roy Rogers. All you have to do is swap out the carbonated lemon lime soda for regular carbonated cola. Keep the grenadine and maraschino cherry garnish and serve it over ice. Now you have yourself a nonalcoholic classic mocktail known as a Roy Rogers. It tastes like cherry cola!

Virgin Bloody Mary

Upgrade that boring and bland tomato juice with Bloody Mary mix and some essential garnishes! Serving virgin Bloody Mary’s on Easter is a fantastic alternative to the traditional, vodka-based drink. Bloody Mary mix is a fantastic option, but you can season it classically with the proper Bloody Mary seasonings.

As for garnishes, details are important when it comes to mocktails, so be sure to dress up your virgin Bloody Mary’s with lemon wedges/wheels, celery stalks, queen olives, cornichons, gherkins, pickled radish, garlic cloves, banana peppers, jalapeños, red chili peppers, grilled shrimp skewers, candied bacon strips, celery salt, salt-and-pepper, dill, salted or seasoned rims, and any other fun garnishes you can think of.

Virgin Mimosa

Everybody loves orange juice, and even grapefruit juice and pineapple juice! These are all delicious juice bases for mimosas. But for Easter, consider making virgin mimosas by swapping out the champagne for nonalcoholic sparkling apple cider or nonalcoholic sparkling white grape juice! Dress up your mimosas with the selection of garnishes like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, frozen grapes, rosemary sprigs, basil sprigs, and even grenadine! Everybody will appreciate this delicious brunch and lunch staple on your special holiday.

Do you want to know where to go in Indy for the most delicious Easter dinner offering this Sunday? Visit English Ivy’s in Downtown Indianapolis for our famous Easter Ham Dinner! Be sure to check out our other weekly specials, too!

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Hooray for National Cocktail Day!

🎉🍹 March 24th is National Cocktail Day! 🍹🎉 Let’s celebrate with some trending drink recipes, pairings, ideas, and fun facts!

Cocktail Specials Indianapolis Indiana 317-822-5070
Cocktail Specials Indianapolis Indiana 317-822-5070

Happy National Cocktail Day! Thirsty Thursday will never be the same after this year! We hope you are prepared to celebrate this fun and silly holiday with your loved ones! Didn’t have any plans before you knew about National Cocktail Day? Well, now you have a good excuse to go out! When you do, visit English Ivy’s Eatery and Pub for $5 margaritas, $3.50 Corona bottles, $3 Fireball, $5.35 pitchers, $10 beer buckets, and all the You-Call-It cocktails you love so much!

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at National Cocktail Day, like who came up with the idea and what is stands for. Then you can check out some related blogs about your favorite drinks, drink recipes, pairings, alcohol quizzes, fun facts, and more!

National Cocktail Day is Today!

We can all thank holidaymaker Jace Shoemaker-Galloway for creating National Cocktail Day. It is basically a day to appreciate and enjoy your favorite cocktails and alcoholic drinks! So go on, enjoy them! Fun Fact, the most popular cocktail drink in the United States is the Margarita!  

Origin of Cocktails in the United States

Before prohibition, the term cocktail wasn’t used a lot. There was mention of it in an 1803 edition magazine called The Famer’s Cabinet, and then again in a New York magazine in 1806. In 1917, a Missourian by the name of Clara Bell Walsh coined the phrase, cocktail party, after inviting over a large crowd of guests for drinks at noon and calling it so.

But once alcohol became illegal, cocktail concoctions were popping up all over the place. Back then, cocktails were traditionally made with a combination of spirits, sugar, bitters, and water. Today, the Manhattan, Sazerac, and Old Fashioned still carry on this traditional recipe base.

🍹🍹 Links You Will Like if You Like Cocktails:




















Are you ready to get your cocktail on in Downtown Indianapolis? Come to English Ivy’s Pub and Eatery tonight for our Thursday drink specials, including $5 Margaritas, $3.50 Corona Bottles, $3 Fireball, $5.35 Pitchers, $10 Beer Buckets. We also have a full bar that can make any cocktail you request! We are located on N. Alabama Street and have both lot and street parking available. Place carryout orders at 317-822-5070, anytime!

Downtown Indianapolis Bar Restaurant

3 Tasty Ways to Order a Patrón Tequila Cocktail

When you crave a premium tequila cocktail, Patrón is what you order. Tonight, while out with friends and loved ones, change up your go-to margarita-like drink and opt for one of these 3 tasty Patrón tequila cocktails!

Tequila Drink Specials Downtown Indianapolis Indiana 317-822-5070
Tequila Drink Specials Downtown Indianapolis Indiana 317-822-5070

Patrón Tequila is a Top-Shelf Choice

You cannot go wrong with a Patrón tequila cocktail or margarita. Patrón is a highly-regarded, premium tequila available at almost every retailer or vendor that sells alcohol. It comes in different varieties, which includes Patrón Silver, Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo, and XO Café. Patrón also makes liqueurs like Patrón Citrónge Orange. If you are making cocktails, focus on Silver and Reposado. Añejo and Extra Añejo are best for sipping straight up. XO Café is great for martinis and coffee-based cocktails.

So, why is Patrón so great? It starts with zero additives and 100% agave. In between is a long and patient process of agave and piña harvesting, fermentation, distillation, and aging, which is still done in handmade barrels by the way. Without going into great detail, Patrón tequila is one of the finest of today. With each sip, you can expect to enjoy deep and complex flavors, followed by a smooth and balanced finishes.

So, the next time you are craving tequila, be sure to order yourself a Patrón cocktail! And if a margarita is not what you are in the mood for, try one (or all) of these 3 top-recommended Patrón-based cocktails, below!

3 Patrón Tequila Cocktails You Will Be Glad You Ordered


You have surely heard of a Paloma, which is a grapefruit and tequila based cocktail that calls for a sugary lemon-lime soda. But if you are not interested in something to sweet, ask your bartender for a Palomita! Fresh and refreshing, this favored tequila cocktail is delicious and easy on the calories!

2 Ounces Patrón Silver
3 Ounces Grapefruit Juice
½ Ounce Lime Juice
Top With Soda Water
Garnish With a Citrus Wheel

Tequila Sunrise

No matter what time of day it is, you can enjoy yourself a delicious Tequila Sunrise! With only 3 simple and tasty ingredients, you can order this delightful tequila cocktail almost anywhere you go. You can easily make it at home too!

2 Ounces Patrón Silver
4 Ounces Orange Juice
¾ Ounces Grenadine Syrup (or maraschino cherry juice)
Garnish With an Orange Wedge and Maraschino Cherry

Patrón Silver Martini

When you want something with some pizazz and some class, a Patrón tequila martini might be in order. Shaken with ice and served up-style in a martini glass, this rare beauty of a tequila cocktail will have you feelings all the feels, and real fast!

2 Ounces Patrón Silver
½ Ounce Dry Vermouth
2 Tablespoons Grapefruit Juice
10 Dashes Orange Bitters (more if you like)
Garnish With a Sugar Rim or Citrus Twist

Like to Keep Things Simple?
Here are Some Recommended One-and-Done Mixers for Patrón Tequila:

▷ Coconut Water
▷ Pineapple Juice
▷ Orange Juice
▷ Cranberry Juice
▷ Mountain Dew
▷ Ginger Beer
▷ Ginger Ale
▷ Sprite
▷ Sparking Water
▷ Margarita Mix

If you aren’t craving a frothy Patrón cocktail by now, you might be made of stone! Visit English Ivy’s Downtown Pub and Eatery to enjoy our $7 Patron and $4 Margarita bar specials tonight! We are also featuring a Chef special and 50 cent wings!

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Downtown Indianapolis Bar Restaurant

Test Your Hot Sauce Knowledge With This Fun Quiz

If you like your food to be exciting and flavorful, you are probably a lover of hot sauce. Hot sauce is made and used all over the world and has been for thousands of years. Even ancient civilization artifacts and scriptures provide evidence of hot pepper applications for both eating and medicinal use. Today, hot sauce comes in countless flavors, textures, bases, viscosity, and more, making it one of the most popular and universal condiments on the planet.

What’s your favorite hot sauce? Are you a die-hard Tabasco fan? Is Cholula your go-to? Do you put Frank’s Red Hot on everything? What about Sriracha? Or maybe you prefer a more exotic heat, like Sambal or Gochujang?

You say you like them all? That might make you an expert! Let’s see how good your knowledge of hot sauce is with this fun, 10 question hot sauce quiz!

Chicken Wings Special Near Me Indianapolis 317-822-5070
Chicken Wings Special Near Me Indianapolis 317-822-5070

How Much Do You Love Hot Sauce?

Take this hot sauce quiz to test your knowledge and see just how much you really know about the fiery condiment you use on so many tasty foods!

❶ What is the Hottest Pepper on the Planet?

☐ Jalapeño
☐ Carolina Reaper
☐ Habanero
☐ Scotch Bonnet

❷ What is the Ingredient in Peppers That Makes Them Hot?

☐ Capsaicin
☐ Vitamin A
☐ Sugar
☐ Capsanthin

❸ Where Was Sriracha First Developed?

☐ Texas
☐ Mexico
☐ India
☐ Thailand

❹ Which Pepper is the Hottest in the Scoville Hotness Units (SHUs) Scale?

☐ Poblano
☐ Jalapeño
☐ Chipotle
☐ Bell Pepper

❺ Where is Tabasco Sauce Made?

☐ New Mexico
☐ California
☐ Louisiana
☐ New York

❻ Which Hot Sauce Comes From the South African Region?

☐ Sambal
☐ Harissa
☐ Piri-Piri
☐ Gochujang

❼ What is the Hottest Hot Sauce in the World?

☐ Tapatío
☐ Tabasco
☐ Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No. 9
☐ Frank’s Red Hot  

❽ What Works Best at Soothing the Heat From Hot Sauce?

☐ Gargling Mouthwash
☐ Drinking a Glass of Milk
☐ Sucking on Ice Cubes
☐ Drinking Water

❾ Which Hot Pepper is a Staple in Caribbean Hot Sauces?

☐ Jalapeño
☐ Habanero
☐ Cayenne
☐ Scotch Bonnet

❿ Which Part of Mexico Does Cholula Originate From?

☐ Cancun
☐ Mexico City
☐ Jalisco
☐ Tulum

How do you think you did? Check out the answers below!


1) Carolina Reaper – This pepper comes in at 2.2 million Scoville! The average Tabasco pepper measures between 30,000 and 50,000, so you can imagine the incredible difference in heat.

2) Capsaicin – Capsaicinoids in hot peppers are proven to increase endorphins and dopamine, which is suggested to help recovering drugs addicts with withdrawal.

3) Thailand – Sriracha was created in the 1930’s in a Thailand town called Si Racha.

4) Chipotle – A chipotle pepper comes in between 5,000 and 8,000 SHUs, while a standard jalapeño ranges between 2,500 and 8,000 SHUs.

5) Louisiana – Family owned and operated by 5th generation McIlhenny family, the Tabasco Company is based in Avery Island, LA.

6) Piri-Piri – Also written and pronounced, peri-peri, this hot sauce name translates to pepper-pepper in Swahili.

7) Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No. 9 – This hot sauce packs the most heat, coming in at 9 million Scoville Hotness Units (SHUs).

8) Milk – Drinking a glass of milk, or any dairy product for that matter, works well to soothe the spiciness in your mouth and on your tongue.

9) Scotch Bonnet – The scotch bonnet is a spicy hot pepper that measures between 100,000 and 350,000 SHUs, and it is the main pepper used in the Caribbean.

10) Jalisco – Jalisco, Mexico was the birthplace for the ever-popular Cholula hot sauce.

Are you craving something spicy and delicious now? Visit English Ivy’s Downtown Pub and Eatery for our famous Monday 50 cent wing special! Wash down your spicy, BBQ, or dry rub wings with a frosty beverage from our Monday drink special menu, like 6$ Moscow Mules and ½ Price Premium Wine!

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Downtown Indianapolis Bar Restaurant

Tips for Using Vodka as a Household Cleaner

What do Cosmopolitans, Dirty Martinis, Bloody Mary’s, Screwdrivers, Moscow Mules, Harvey Wallbangers, and White Russians all have in common? The answer we are looking for here is, VODKA! Vodka makes an excellent base liquor for many cocktails, as you may already know and admire, but have you ever thought about using it to clean?

Continue reading to learn how you can use an everyday, store-bought vodka to sterilize and clean several areas of your home!

Wednesday Vodka Drink Specials Downtown Indianapolis 317-822-5070
Wednesday Vodka Drink Specials Downtown Indianapolis 317-822-5070

Vodka Has Always Been More Than a Drink

Vodka is made by the distillation of plant matter that is rich in starch or sugar. Plant matter commonly includes various types of grains, such as corn, rye, and wheat, or other foodstuffs, like potatoes, grapes, and soybeans. Since its origin, it has been used in many applications other than beverages, including several health remedies, antiseptics, anesthetics, beauty aids, and of course, cleaning.

Vodka is a Suitable Cleaning Agent

Vodka has a high alcohol content; traditionally, 30 to 40% by volume. In fact, it is so high that it can be used as a cleaning agent for things like dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and more. The alcohol content works well as a sterilizer for all kinds of surfaces, such as countertops, fixtures, windows, floors, mirrors, and even clothing!

Cheap Vodka Works Just as Well

When it comes to choosing a vodka to clean your house with, there is no need to reach for the top shelf brands you prefer for your martinis and tonics. For cleaning and sterilization purposes, you can stick with a basic, generic brand of vodka. The quality of the liquor will not have any influence on its cleaning abilities, so reserve the good stuff for yourself. On the other hand, organic vodka comes highly recommended for the job.

How to Use Vodka to Clean and Sanitize:

What You Need – Get yourself a clean, plastic spray bottle and fill it with your choice of vodka.

Mold/Mildew – For mold and mildew, simply spray the vodka on the affected area and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Then use a cleaning brush or sponge to scrub the mold and mildew away. Then just rinse the surface with clean water.

Stainless Steel/Plumbing Fixtures – To clean plumbing fixtures like faucets, drains, doorknobs, and more, just spray vodka onto a cloth or paper towel and use some good old-fashioned elbow grease to polish them up.

Glass/Mirrors – For mirrors, windows, and other glass surfaces, spray the solution onto the surface and then buff away the blemishes with a paper towel or bunched up newspaper. Then finish by polishing with a microfiber cloth to reveal a beautiful shine.

Clothing/Fabric – To refresh clothing without tossing them into the washing machine, dilute your vodka with water, and then mist the fabric with your solution. As it dries, the alcohol eliminates any residual odors, like smoke and grease, without leaving behind the smell of vodka. This is a great trick to refresh smelly work uniforms or aprons. It is better than store-bought fabric refresher spray because there are no harsh chemicals damaging the integrity of your clothing!

Stickers/Price Tags – To remove stickers and adhesives, just spray a solution of pure vodka directly onto the sticky area. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and then wipe the surface clean with a rag or melamine sponge (i.e. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser). Price tags and labels will no longer be a bother!

With all that vodka talk and vodka aroma, you might be craving a Cosmo or Vodka Martini right about now! Visit English Ivy’s Downtown Pub and Eatery to enjoy our Wednesday drink specials, including $5 Absolut cocktails and martinis, as well as $3 Effen vodka drinks! Be sure to check out our daily food specials, too!

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Downtown Indianapolis Bar Restaurant

Top 4 Tips for a Responsible Night of Drinking

It’s a fact that many adults like to go out, let loose, and enjoy a selection of delicious cocktails with friends and loved ones. Whether it is the end of a long work week, special celebratory occasion, or just another fun weekend with your crew, if you are planning to go out for drinks, be sure to do so responsibly. With good knowledge and best practices, you can enjoy as much celebratory drinking as you like, while also being sensible and safe. This can also help to mitigate those nasty hangover symptoms that we all dread.

Continue reading to learn the top 4 tips for a responsible night of drinking, including a bonus tip on where to get the best drink specials and downtown Indianapolis.

Bar Near Me Downtown Indianapolis 317-822-5070
Bar and Restaurant Downtown Indianapolis 317-822-5070

Sensible and Healthy Ways to Enjoy Your Alcoholic Beverages

When you are preparing to grab drinks at your local bar or pub with your friends, these 4 tips will help you have a successful, fun, and safe experience:

Pay Attention to Alcohol Content

When drinking alcoholic beverages, it is important to understand that some cocktails and drinks have a lower alcohol content in them compared to others. For example, dark beers can have up to 12% alcohol in them, while light beers can have as low as 4 to 5% alcohol. This means drinking 4 pints of Guinness will have a higher effect on your blood alcohol level, then drinking for Miller Lights.

The same principle applies to liquor. Some liquors are lower proof than others, so it is important to pay attention to what you’re ordering and how much is being poured in that drink. For instance, 3 ounces of 190 proof Everclear, a pure grain alcohol, will have more of an effect on your blood alcohol level than 3 ounces of 40 proof vodka.

So, if you are drinking a cocktail or beverage that has a higher alcohol content in it, understand that you are basically drinking doubles, and the effect of alcohol will impact you much faster and stronger compared to a less-strong beverage.

Pace Yourself

Along with understanding the alcohol content in each beverage, it is important to take your time when drinking alcohol. Pace yourself by drinking glasses of water in between each alcoholic beverage, and by drinking slowly. Avoid taking shots if you can, although this is sometimes impossible. If you take shots, just be sure you are staying hydrated with plenty of water throughout the night.

Eat Something

Perhaps one of the most important tips for drinking responsibly is to ensure you are eating. Food plays an important role in keeping you satiated, while also giving your stomach something to absorb all the alcohol. If you have ever gone drinking without eating anything, you know that you wake up with a severe hangover and a lot of sickness. You also get drunk really fast, which can actually spoil the night because it can cause you to get sleepy or sick too soon. So, while you’re drinking with friends or loved ones, be sure to order appetizers and continue snacking, or eat a full meal at some point in the night.

Look Out for Others

Another critical tip for drinking with friends or loved ones is to look out for each other. If you notice that one of your friends is becoming too intoxicated to quickly, offer them some food or a glass of water. If someone does end up getting too intoxicated, be sure to help them home safely. It is also important to look out for each other in terms of being victimized. Keep your eyes on your drink at all times and keep an eye out for anyone trying to slip anything into your friends’ drinks.

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Cozy Winter Cocktails to Keep You Warm All Season Long

Wintertime is the perfect season in Indiana to snuggle up with all of your cozy favorites, like over-sized sweaters, knitted socks, chunky throw blankets, and steaming cups of coffee. Speaking of coffee, why not mix a little tequila in to really give you a warm winter buzz? Seriously! Warm winter cocktails are trending this season, and there are plenty to choose, making it easy to find one you’ll love.

Continue reading to learn some of the top cozy winter cocktails to keep you comfy and warm all season long, plus where to go to get the best drink specials in Downtown Indianapolis!

Cocktail Specials Downtown Indianapolis 317-822-5070
Cocktail Specials Downtown Indianapolis 317-822-5070

Hot Cocktails for the Winter Season

Traditionally, hot cocktails are made with liquors like bourbon, tequila, whiskey, scotch, and liqueurs like coffee, berry, cream, and chocolate. As for the bases, you can expect a lot of recipes to include hot tea, cocoa, and coffee. But as you explore recipes for hot winter cocktails, you can begin to customize your drinks with your favorite flavors and alcohols.

Here are some of the top cozy winter cocktails to try out:

Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy’s are one of the more traditional winter cocktails. These have been enjoyed for generations, and never seem to disappoint. They are very easy to make and even recommended as a cold remedy for sore throats, coughing, congestion, and chills.

You will need a ceramic or stemmed mug, as well as bourbon, fresh lemon, honey, water, and a cinnamon stick if you so choose. If you don’t have a cinnamon stick, you can simply use ground cinnamon. You can be extra festive by adding a star anise floater or even half a baked pear!


Heat 1 cup of water in the microwave it for 2 minutes. Be sure to use a glove to remove the cup because it may be very hot. Add the honey to your mug, then pour your hot water and bourbon in. Stir the concoction until the honey has dissolved, then squeeze in the juice of one lemon wedge. Toss in a lemon slice and cinnamon stick, or sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Spiked Rosemary Tea

Now here’s a winter cocktail you may not have heard of before. Try out this delicious, sweet, and oh-so-soothing spiked Rosemary tea with a hint of lemon! It is special because it includes Fernet, a complex Italian spirit that is bitter and aromatic. You will also need some strong black tea, like Earl Gray, and of course a coffee mug.


How To Make Rosemary Simple Syrup: In a 2 quart pot, add 1 cup of water, 2 cups of sugar, and 6 rosemary sprigs. Then cut up a lemon into wedges and squeeze the juice of each wedge into the pot. Then toss the squeezed wedges into the pot with all the other ingredients. Keep this concoction on low heat until it creates a thick syrup.

To make your cocktail, first begin with your tea. Once your tea has been brewed, add all ingredients into your mug and stir until well dissolved.

Oaxacan Coffee

South of the border, they really know how to make a tasty cozy cocktail. We are talking about this delicious Oaxacan coffee! This recipe makes a whole pot, so gather up some friends or family! You will need some strong, black espresso to start. Then just mix all ingredients together and garnish with cinnamon sticks and cloves. For an extra treat, top off your cup with whipped cream!


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