Why You Should Eat Locally-Sourced Foods

If meats, fruits, and vegetables are grown and raised no farther than one hour away, they are considered a local product. This is commonly referred to as “farm-to-table” eating since these products are produced so close to home. There are several benefits to eating locally grown and raised foods, but some of the most admired include freshness, taste, nutrition, economy, community, sustainability, and seasonal awareness.

Continue reading to learn how locally-sourced foods can render such benefits, as well as, where you can find a great, farm-to-table meal near you.

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☑ Freshness

There is nothing fresher than buying foods that were just harvested days before. This is especially true for locally-raised and produced livestock and poultry. There is no week-long transportation or distribution of fruits and vegetables, which means you can eat them at the peak of ripeness when they taste the best. This benefits ties together with the next important one: nutrition.

☑ Nutrition

Other than quality of taste and level of freshness, locally grown and raised products are generally higher in nutritional value. That is because they are not subjected to added preservatives to keep them fresh during distribution. This is also because they are able to be eaten at the peak of freshness when fruits and vegetables are most nutritious.

☑ Economy

As a member of your thriving community, it is important to do your part to contribute to its success. Supporting your local farmers is a great way to accomplish this philanthropic pursuit. Eating local foods means you are supporting your local economy and keeping money flowing within your town, which in turn, makes your community a better place to live!

☑ Seasonal Awareness

When you eat local foods, you get to stay in touch with the changing seasons, and enjoy the limited-edition yields they provide. Pumpkins, apples, carrots, and corn are just a few examples of delicious seasonal foods to enjoy. Furthermore, buying seasonally ensures freshness and cost savings.

☑ Sustainability

Sustainable agriculture is something to really think about if you care about your community. Sustainability practices ensure that the land used to raise farm products is healthy and available for years to come. This has several benefits, including making the most efficient use of nonrenewable and on-farm resources and enhancing the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole.

Great Food in Downtown Indy

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