Top-Recommended Low Calorie Cocktail Options for Summer

If you enjoy a great cocktail at the end of a hard day, but prefer not to indulge in too much sugar or calories, there are still many great options to choose from at your local pub that won’t set your nutrition goals back. Continue below for a list of some of the top-recommended and most frequently ordered low calories cocktails that are the perfect refreshing finish to a long work day. You may be surprised to learn which drink comes in at the lowest calories!

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Cocktails Under 200 Calories

You do not have to jeopardize your summer fitness plan, nor ruin your nutrition goals, every time you want to relax and have some cocktails. Instead, just stick to some popular alcoholic refreshments that are made with simple ingredients, and do not have any added sugars. Here are some top-recommended cocktails that come in at under 200 calories per drink, in order from lowest to highest:


Nutrition: 90 Calories
Add some fresh fruit or a splash of juice for added flavor.

Vodka & Soda With Lime

Nutrition: 100 Calories
Ingredients: Vodka, Soda Water, and a Lime Wedge

Rum & Diet Coke

Nutrition: 100 Calories
Ingredients: Rum, Diet Coke, Lime Wedge


Nutrition: 135 Calories
Ingredients: Whiskey, Absinth, Bitters, Sugar, and Water

Gin & Tonic With Lemon

Nutrition: 150 Calories
Ingredients: Gin, Tonic Water, and Lemon Wedge

Old Fashioned

Nutrition: 155 Calories
Ingredients: Bourbon, Bitters, and Sugar


Nutrition: 165 Calories
Ingredients: Tequila, Grapefruit Juice, Soda Water, and a Lime Wedge
For fewer calories, forgo a sugar-coated rim.


Nutrition: 170 Calories
Ingredients: White Rum, Simple Syrup, Mint Leaves, Lime Wedge


Nutrition: 175 Calories
Ingredients: Vodka or Gin, Vermouth (Olives Optional)
For less calories, order it “dry” and forgo the olives.


Nutrition: 180 Calories
Ingredients: Any Liquor, Rose’s® Sweet Lime Juice, and Lime Wedge
For less calories, swap Rose’s® for a dash of simple syrup and fresh-squeezed lime.

➡ When in doubt, stick to some general rules of thumb for concocting a lo-calorie, skinny drink:

☑ Avoid premixed drinks, mixes, syrups, and liqueurs.
☑ Swap soda for sparkling water or soda water.
☑ Swap red wine for white wine.
☑ Choose simple recipes with few ingredients.
☑ Use fresh fruit to enhance flavor.

Delish Skinny Cocktails in Downtown Indianapolis

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