Quench Your Thirst This Spring With These Beer-Based Cocktails

The weather has certainly been unpredictable so far this spring. One minute it’s hot and sunny, and the next, high winds are causing chaos all over the place. But one steady indulgence we can always rely on in the spring is beer. Beer is the perfect springtime refreshment because it is so satisfying and smooth, and readily available. Best of all, it is very versatile. Not only can beer be brewed in infinite flavorings and notes, it can also be dressed and customized by adding ingredients of your own! In fact, beer cocktails are becoming more and more popular every year! That’s right; a little liquor or juice to your beer can magically transform it into something entirely new and exciting!  

Continue below to learn the recipes to 3 delicious and simple beer-based cocktails trending this season, and treat yourself!

Irish Layered Black and Tan Beer with Lager and Stout

Irish Black and Tan

This beer cocktail is nothing new. Many people have enjoyed this layered beer option for many years. In a pint glass, pale ale is topped with an equal portion of Guinness Stout. Be creative and come up with your own layered beer concoctions!


If you have every taken a trip down south, you have certainly seen Micheladas on the menu. This traditional beer-based cocktail is a combination of Mexican-style beer, lime juice, soy sauce, and Worcestershire. Finish with salt and pepper to taste. If you are in a pinch with ingredients, skip the lime and sauce, and tomato juice or bloody Mary mix!

Watermelon Beer

Got some watermelon that’s a little too ripe to eat by itself? Well, it’s perfect for this beer cocktail! Just muddle your watermelon in a pint glass (sin seeds), and top with your favorite wheat beer, like Blue Moon. It is custom to add vanilla-flavored simple syrup as well, but if you do not have this, forget it altogether or replace with a teaspoon of sugar.

Summer Shandy

Although the name suggests a different season, this beer cocktail is perfect for any type of warm weather! Simply mix your beer of choice with lemonade to create this refreshing and appealing drink! It is recommended to avoid dark beers, and opt for wheat or light beer.

Trojan Horse

If you like dark beers, especially stouts, this drink is for you. It starts with a stout beer, like Guinness, and then topped off with regular cola. The sweetness and caffeine are great for spring! You can also use diet cola!

Black Velvet

This beer-based drink is perfect for anyone who prefers the fancier things in life. A equal combination of champagne and stout beer will deliver a sophisticated flavor in a classy glass!

Corrido Prohibidos

Another southern-inspired beer cocktail, the Corrido Prohibidos is a stronger choice. Combine your favorite Mexican-style beer with a shot of blanco tequila and enjoy! Just don’t pour yourself more than 1.5 ounces, otherwise you might be on the floor before your next pint!

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