Test Your Alcohol Expertise With This Fun Quiz!

You might be a seasoned drinker or a craft cocktail connoisseur; but just how well do you really know your alcohol facts? In spirit of Mardi Gras, and for the sake of responsible drinking, take this quiz and see how you and your friends score!

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➀ What Kind of Alcohol is Used for Making Alcoholic Drinks?

a. Methyl
b. Ethyl Alcohol
c. Isopropyl Alcohol

➁ What Alcoholic Beverage has the Highest Percentage of Ethyl?

a. Wine
b. Beer
c. Champagne

➂ Which is NOT a Property of Alcohol?

a. Flammable
b. Denser Than Water
c. Higher Boiling Point

➃ What Area of the Brain is Affected First by Drinking Alcohol?

a. Limbic System
b. Hypothalamus
c. Cerebral Cortex

➄ Which Area of the Brain Affects Memory and Emotion Control When Drunk?

a. Medulla Obligata
b. Cerebral Cortex
c. Limbic System

➅ Which Organ(s) Breaks Down Ethanol in Alcohol?

a. Liver
b. Kidneys
c. Gallbladder

➆ How Much Alcohol Can Your Body Burn in 1 Hour?

a. 0.10 Ounces
b. 0.15 Ounces
c. 0.5 Ounces

➇ How Much Alcohol is Removed in the Bloodstream By Exhaling?

a. 1%
b. 5%
c. 10%

⑨ Which Body Tissue Will Not Dissolve Alcohol?

a. Epithelial Tissue
b. Muscle Tissue
c. Fat Tissue

⑩ Which Statement is a Common Misconception About Alcohol?

a. Drinking Alcohol Will Make You Warm
b. Drinking Alcohol Will Dehydrate You.
c. Drinking Alcohol Will Help a Hangover.

⑪ Why Does Drinking Alcohol Cause Sweaty and/or Flushed Skin?

a. Increased Body Heat
b. Increased Blood Flow
c. Dehydration

⑫ What Influences the Absorption Rate of Alcohol?

a. Level of Activity, Water In-Take, and Body Weight
b. Concentration, Age, and Body Weight
c. Concentration, Carbonation, and Food In-Take

⑬ Which Statement is a Correct Fact About Alcohol and Sex?

a. Sexual Performance is Increased
b. Sexual Performance is Reduced
c. Sexual Performance is Not Affected

⑭ Which Area of the Brain Controls Touching Your Finger to Your Nose in a Sobriety Check?

a. Limbic System
b. Cerebellum
c. Medulla Oblongata

⭐ ✨ How Did You Score? ✨ ⭐

Answer Key:

1) A – Ethanol is carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
2) C – Champagne contains 12% alcohol compared to wine, which has 11%, and beer which has 4 to 8%.
3) B – Alcohol is less dense than water and evaporates at lower temperatures. This is why it can be distilled.
4) C – This part of the brain manages speech, judgement, and perception.
5) C – This part of the brain includes the hippocampus and septal area, which deals with emotions and memory.
6) A – The process of ethanol breakdown is called oxidation, which is enabled by an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase.
7) C – A 12 ounce can of beer would take an average of 1 hour to burn off.
8) B – The lungs exhale 5% of alcohol, which is detectable by a breathalyzer.
9) C – Alcohol does not, cannot, dissolve in the water within fat tissue.
10) A – Although alcohol increases blood flow temporarily, it actually causes your body to lose heat.
11) B – Alcohol increases blood flow to the skin, which temporarily gives a warming sensation, but decreases body heat.
12) C – These three factors affect how quickly alcohol absorbs into the blood stream.
13) B – Sexual behavior may increase, but performance declines.
14) B – This part of the brain controls fine movements.

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