Suggested Health Benefits of Vodka

Although a conventional alcohol, vodka might have a lot to offer in terms of health and wellness. Many suggest that, not only can you use vodka as a delicious base to create your favorite cocktails, you can also use it therapeutically, or to treat minor ailments, from bad breath and dandruff, to headaches, toothaches, stress, and much more.

Continue reading to learn what many say are common health benefits and therapies of vodka.

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Fundamentals of Vodka

Vodka is a colorless, flavorless, ethanol and water-based beverage. In the United States, it is usually made with an alcoholic value of 30% by volume. If you look at its chemical makeup, you might better understand why it can be applied to certain health remedies and uses. Not only does it’s ethanol composition give vodka several useful properties, it is also carbohydrate-free and sugar-free, which helps to support nutrition.

Vodka Health and Wellness Applications

For centuries, vodka has been served many uses aside from recreational imbibing. To this very day, many of these applications are still strongly supported. The top most suggested health and wellness applications for vodka include:

Skin Health – Vodka is an astringent, which helps pores clean and skin clear.

Hair Health – Vodka can cleanse the scalp and eliminate toxins, which can treat dandruff and promote hair growth.

Bacterial Protection – Vodka has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities that can disinfect wounds and prevent infections. It can also treat cold sores.

Toothaches – Applying vodka directly to the gums, or swish it around in your mouth to help relieve toothache pain.

Headaches – Creating a tincture or special herbs and vodka is a method that has been used for centuries to treat minor headaches, colds, and hangovers.

Fever Reducer – Vodka is said to help reduce a fever by rubbing it on your back and chest.

Detoxification – Vodka retains diuretic properties that helps promote healthy urination and flushes out toxins.

Cardiovascular Health – Vodka has a dilating effect on arteries that stimulates blood flow. This can help protect against certain heart diseases, like strokes and cardiac arrest.

Bad Breath/ Smelly Feet – Because vodka disinfects, it can treat smelly feet and bad breath. Mix it with cinnamon or spearmint for a refreshing mouthwash.

Stress Relief – As many of us know, a good cocktail or two can help relieve the stress of a long week. It calms the brain, which can help with insomnia and sleeping difficulties. In fact, scientific findings suggest that vodka helps decrease stress factors in the body more efficiently than any other alcohol!

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