If My Beer is Delivered Cold, Will it Go Bad if I Let it Get Warm?

Right now, beer delivery is not an unusual concept. In fact, it has turned into a fairly ordinary and routine service. The pleasure of having ice-cold beer delivered right to your doorstep is an experience worth every dollar spent. But many people are concerned about maintaining the quality of beer when it is delivered in a cold state. It is a common understanding that beer will go rank or rancid if it is not kept cool once it’s already cold. But not all of us can get our jugs, kegs, bottles, and cans straight into the refrigerator right away. So, does this mean we will waste our beer and our money, but worse, our beer?

Continue reading to learn the truth about cold and warm beer, including tips on storing your beer delivery to support optimal flavor and longevity.

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Chilled Beer Stays Fresher for Longer

Although the practice of chilling beer serves the purpose of keeping it fresher for a longer period of time, your beer will be just fine if it cools down to room temperature and you want it cold again. It is a common misconception that if cold beer gets warm, you cannot chill it again without it having some sort of negative effect on its taste and overall quality. This is colloquially known as “skunk” or “skunked” beer. The truth is that skunk beer only occurs as a result of light exposure, not temperature fluctuations. So, re-chilling beer that was once cold will not make it taste bad or cause you any illness.

Skunk Beer is Not Caused by Temperature Changes

Skunk beer results from a reaction with sunshine known as light strike. Light strike is basically a complex chemical reaction involving blue spectrum and ultraviolet light in sunlight. These reactions cause the hops molecules to separate and produce sulfur, which causes the rank smell and taste in skunked beer. To avoid light strike, it is recommended to not store glass bottled beers near light.

Your Beer Delivery Should Be Safe

Whether you had beers delivered to your home but had to work later than you thought, you picked some up on the way home but accidentally left it on the counter, or you simply do not have enough room in the fridge, do not have to worry about it going bad. Your beer purchase should be perfectly safe, and equally delicious, even if it goes from cold, to warm, and back to cold again. Of course, there is one great way to avoid a warm beer situation, and that is to visit your local Downtown Indianapolis pub and eatery for fantastic beer specials and weekly deals!

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